Buying Procedure

Buying Procedure

How to Buy a Property in Turkey

Buying a property for holidays, longer periods over the winter or as a retirement home is an investment for the future.

As a certified company we are there for you 365 days a year. 

Buying a property in Turkey has been made a lot simpler  and Trust United will help you through the whole process. The buyer receives a Tapu ( Land deed ) signed out by the official Tapu-Office, a member of the municipality. The land register is administrated by the Tapu-Office, here the name of the owner will be changed in the register when buying the property. For this you need your ID, 4 Passport-Photographs, and the name of your father (Turkish habit). A certified translator must be present who will tell you exactly what is going on. In case of inheritance the Turkish authorities accept an official testament made in your home country. Other wise the Turkish Erbfolge will be based. The Tapu is not to be received by “friends”, lawyers or notars. The only way to get it is the Tapu-Office !


Since July 3rd 2003 foreigners are permitted to buy properties in villages. Outside of touristic areas, special orders of the central administration must be obeyed. Within restricted military areas foreigners are still not able to buy Turkish properties.

Registration into Tapu (Land Register)

The buyer authorises the Sales Agent to organise water connection, electricity and phone line for the property, and to do all necessary authority applications. 

Application at the land register for the permit to buy

Herefor you absolutely need:

  • 2 Photographs
  • 2 Copies of your ID
  • Your address in your home country and your Fathers name
  • Your tax-number (which we will get for you) 

The selling person needs

  • 1 Photograph
  • 2 Copies of his ID
  • Address of company or owner
  • Tax-Number

The certified translator will then explain to you, where the property is located and about its special characteristics. (Villa, Apt on the 4th floor etc..) Then you will be given the original Tapu in your hands. If you wish, it can be translated in English, we have a translator in the company.

You will find all unıque costs on the list below. Another important point is the protocol of delivery.In there you find all the work that is still to be done by us.

The monthly costs of your property can be paid by us on behalf of you, and if you wish, we can help you to open a bank account.

Annual taxes

  • Buildings 0.2 per cent of the value in the tapu
  • Houses 0.1 per cent of the value in the tapu
  • Plots 0.3 per cent of the value in the tapu
  • Plots outside of village borders 0.1 per cent of the value in the tapu

Uniquely expenses

  • Tax for buying a property 0.3 per cent of the value in the tapu
  • 41.- € Municipality expenses
  • 15.- € Typing costs for Tapu-Office
  • 50.- € Translator in Tapu-Office
  • 30.- € Aplication for buying permission
  • 12.- € Garbage disposal p.a.

Electricity, water, telephone, service


  • 130 € Application for connecting an Apartment
  • 0.11 – 0.17 € per kw/h up to 150 kw/h - more than 150 kw/h


  • 190- € Application for connecting an Apartment
  • 0.31/0.47/0.87 per m³ up to 20 m³/21 to0 40 m³/41 m³ up
  • 0.47 each month in general


  • 7.75 € Application for connecting
  • 0.04 € per unit
  • 8.88 € each month in general

TRUST UNITED Co. Real Estate customers service

  • 50. - € Cleaning service a day
  • 70. - € each transfer from/to Antalya Airport
  • 450.- € Administration of your house p.a.
  • 200.- € Administration of your apartment p.a.

So with what you know now you are just one flight away from your new home in Alanya