Buying Guide

Recident Permit

As a home owner or property tenant, you are eligible to have resident’s permit in Turkey. Home owner’s wife and children (under 18 years old) will have the right to obtain resident’s permit as well. Duration of each resident’s permit is one year and before it expires you should renew it.  Read More


How to get Turkish Citizenship

With the decision published on 19.09.2018 on the Turkish Official Gazette, some regulations regarding the transition of foreigners to Turkish citizenship changed. Turkish citizenship will be given directly to foreigners who buy at least 250.000 USD real estate in Turkey. According to this document, 5 categories of foreigners may apply for the Turkish nationality by simplified procedure: Read More

Buying Procedure

How to Buy a Property in Turkey

Buying a property for holidays, longer periods over the winter or as a retirement home is an investment for the future. As a certified company we are there for you 365 days a year. Buying a property in Turkey has been made a lot simpler  and Trust United will help you through the whole process. The buyer receives a Tapu ( Land deed ) signed out by the official Tapu-Office, a member of the municipality. Read More

Inheritence Tax

Questions of inheritance property in Turkey are governed by Turkish law in the manner adopted in most countries. In the case of the death of the owner (foreign citizen), property passes to his heirs. Inheritance occurs in the country of nationality of the successor.

Wills that is drawn up by foreigners in their own country, can be executed in Turkey. Read More

Tapu (Title Deed)

Tapu – it is the only document that proves ownership rights for the property in Turkey. All Tapus are issued and stored in the Land Registry Office. The owners of a property in Turkey can be both physical and legal entity registered in Turkey or abroad. Several owners could be registered In a Tapu, but their share of the property can be different. Read More

Capital Gain Tax

Capital gain tax should be paid from the following real estate transactions:

  • Rent;
  • Resale property earlier than 5 years after the buying.

The first 3000 TL income for renting of residential property and the first of 11 000 TL of resale are not taxed. Read More

Annual Property Tax in Turkey

Tax legislation in Turkey the same for foreigners and nationals. Property tax must be paid annually. The value of the tax is calculated based on the value of the property, which is listed in the Title Deed. Read More

Sales Procedure Step By Step

Once you have decided to but your holiday home in Alanya our experienced agents will get in touch with you in order to assist you purchasing your flight tickets. When doing that we make sure to find you best available ticket in a convenient way.  Read More

Mortgage in Turkey

  • Please bring all the required information to the nearest branch of your new house. Together with the branch you will discuss all the conditions and benefits of the loan 
  • After your approval we will complete the application form and start the application procedure
  • The bank will send a appraiser to you house to value your property. Read More

Major Features Of Alanya

  • The temperature during the winter months are around 15 to 22 degrees and in the summer time can be as high as 40.
  • Property prices are lower than in many other Mediterranean coastal regions. In Alanya there are apartments just steps away from the sea starting from only £ 29,900.
  • The Turkish title deed is universally recognized as the most comprehensive document to establish complete ownership of the building and corresponding proportion of land (including apartments). Read More


The Guarantee to sell the property again that you buy

You do not do business only once with the Trust United. With post-sale dialogues in our administrating politics, you can consult us about re-sale of your property by contacting us whenever you like. Read More